Oil painting/ Painting

Painting is one of the oldest known form of visual expression. The oldest paintings are thought to be approximately 40,000 years old. Some of the oldest paintings from the Neolithic period are those found in caves. It is generally the act or process of using paint. The paint can create an artwork known as a painting, or it can be used more practically as a protective coating or form of decoration. This is a form of visual art that captures the expression of ideas and emotions on a two-dimensional surface. Painting techniques are usually characterised not by the materials used, but by the method that the paints are applied. So although many techniques or styles are named by material, what really defines the style of a painting is the length and direction of strokes and the mixing of colours. 

This is an important and oldest department of this college.Here, the students learn several mediums and colours of painting i.e. oil, acrylic, water colour, collage, ink and pastels on paper, canvas and other surfaces. We teach the students for developing their study skills, imagination and creativity to make a two dimensional work of art through the process of paint.


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